Don't play hockey to get in shape.
Get in shape to play hockey.


Too tired to shoot? Missing the net?
Are you really Puck Ready?


Whether you are playing pick up, league play, competitive or simply shinny with your kids on the ODR, Puck Ready will get you in shape so it’s always go-time when you hit the ice. This targeted program maps the adult hockey experience off-ice—from pre-game, game to post-game—in a social, professional and competitive environment.



  • One-hour session every week, for four weeks of off-ice, hockey specific training in a fun, team environment led by a Puck Ready Certified Trainer

  • Day-of access to a Goodlife Fitness Centre

  • 7-day free Goodlife Fitness Centre Membership

  • Additional 1 hour Individual Session with a Goodlife Fitness Certified Trainer

  • Free Goodlife Fitness bag, t-shirt and water bottle

  • Post-workout Popeye’s grab bag and giveaways

  • Post-workout, Puck Ready specials at Pizza Hut (Hazeldean Rd)

  • Weekly draw for Popeye’s Player of the Game Reward (one per week)

4 sessions: $139.00

Puck Ready is open to both men and women over the age of 19. Each class consists of no more than 30 ‘players’ and is built with hockey player, team and experience in mind.

All sessions are held at GOODLIFE FITNESS CENTRE, 484 Hazeldean Rd.

Come in 30 minutes prior to each session and get full use of the Goodlife Fitness Centre!